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COVID-19 Workplace Readiness Solutions

Protect your workplace with smart touchless technology and solutions that

enable normal operations while minimizing health risks.

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COVID-19 Workplace Safety Support

Is your business essential? Do you have frontline workers and is your business prepared to restart operations?


Are you keeping your workforce and workspace safe and in compliance with new regulations and requirements? PTI is partnering with Andonix to enable your business to comply with the new normal by keeping your workforce and workplace safe, assuring business continuity and profitability.

How We Can Help

PTI develops solutions to support operational continuity, before during and after the occurrence of events that might have an effect on your business.

Our services include:

○ Work assessments and diagnoses
○ Custom solutions to adhere to new regulations
○ Health hazard monitoring and detection automation
○ Supply of health PPE and testing supplies
○ Cleaning and disinfection professional services

The PTI QCS Difference
PTI QCS offers professional engineering consulting, processes, controls, and monitoring to support your health containment needs. Through turnkey projects that comply with new legal regulations and health requirements, we support your efforts to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic.


  • Workforce & Workplace real-time monitoring of critical conditions with Safely
  • Connect People, Process & Place with Smart Work Station to ensure business continuity, remote work, and supervision.
  • Touchless and cloud technology to enhance access controls and health monitoring, including body temperature verification.

Business Partners / Main Customers

PTI QCS has strong working relationships with Fortune 500 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the global manufacturing industry, many of them forged 20 years ago and still going strong today. These customers have exacting compliance requirements, are highly technical, and have critical quality challenges. PTI QCS brings world-class solutions in quality, inspection and containment.

Do You Have the Resources You Need to Stay Open?

A Health Containment Plan Protects Workers and Keeps the Doors Open

Health containment identifies potential issues, monitors for possible infection, and implements new processes to meet regulations and keep workspaces safe and clean. Learn more in our eBook.

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