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PTI QCS is a leader in quality containment and corrective services

Used before, during and after product assembly in body, interios, chassis, electronics, powertrain and more, customers looking for the best value, flexibility and a dynamic solution

16 million

Pieces Per year in U.S

16.59 million

Pieces Per year in Mexico

1.4 million

Pieces Per year in Brazil

Quality Containment Services


PTI QCS delivers world-class inspection, rework, launch support and yard management services among other quality and containment processes.

PTI QCS and its Quality Services Platform bring innovative and robust digital containment and communication solutions to the shop floor, delivering process transparency, real-time data and predictive reports with actionable data.

By tapping the value of big data analytics and utilizing Industry 4.0 innovations, PTI QCS delivers a well-managed end-to-end quality process which reduces total cycle time and improves OEM-supplier relationships.


PTI QCS processes and delivers products and services that conform to our customers’ requirements relative to quality, safety, reliability, and performance.

We accomplish this through management commitment, associate involvement, quality system development, and continuous improvement in every area of our organization.

PTI QCS has more than 2000 dedicated and passionate employees who follow The PTI Way to deliver quality with integrity, passion, and pride.


Current Vehicle OEM Quality Projects:

General Motors México & U.S. 2008 – Present

  • Saltillo
  • Toluca
  • Silao
  • San Luis Potosí
  • Fort Wayne, IN

FCA México 2010 – Present

  • Saltillo
  • Toluca

    This inspection is done either within OEM / Tier 1 location or in our facilities.

    Launch Support Experience: managing 400+ team members per location across three shifts and simultaneous multiple locations within general assembly, paint shop, body shop and powertrain. We use robust processes and cloud-based real-time information systems to support vehicle assembly plants and their supplier base. We have system capabilities to scan VINS and provide real-time vehicle process status.

    Launch Support for new vehicle assembly plants / new platform launches:

    • More than 100,000 units in the past 5 years.
    • Around 20,000 units per year

    More than 10 OEM launches in the U.S., Argentina, México and Brazil, including:

    • Lordstown, OH
    • Fort Wayne, IN
    • Toledo, OH
    • Janesville, WI
    • Hamtramck, MI
    • Flint, MI
    • General Pacheco, Argentina
    • Sao Paulo/Brazil
    • Saltillo/Coahuila, México
    • Toluca, México
    • Silao/Guanajuato, México
    • San Luis Potsi/SLP, México

    Our experience with rework projects includes engines, floor carpets, main body wire harness, headlights, seats, wheels, brake drums, brake pedals, clusters, etc.


    With over 500 employees in different locations dedicated to inspection and containment solutions, PTI QCS leads the industry in quality services.

    In addition to our inspection and rework services, yard management, and launch support activities, PTI QCS offers a digital containment solution. Our Quality Services Platform (QSP) delivers:

    • Transparency
    • On-time/real-time data
    • Predictive reports with actionable data
    • Dispute and exception management
    • Validation and certification of TPPs.
    • Lower costs for tracking and mediating bad parts
    • Improved communication on the shop floor

    Moreover, it gives valuable time back to the supplier quality assurance team to better focus on quality issues by reducing the total cycle time of a non-conforming issue.

    Business Partners / Main Customers

    PTI QCS has strong working relationships with Fortune 500 OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers in the global manufacturing industry, many of them forged 20 years ago and still going strong today. These customers have exacting compliance requirements, are highly technical, and have critical quality challenges. PTI QCS brings world-class solutions in quality, inspection and containment.

    What a Successful Containment Plan Looks Like

    The Right Containment Plan Can Save Money and Improve Productivity

    Containment is about predicting outcomes evaluating the root cause of quality issues and presenting solutions that will have a positive impact, eliminating the source of the issue.

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